Thursday, July 06, 2006

PostHeaderIcon She says you do not see it ;-)

I see the the big belly

PostHeaderIcon Mommy, but still working hard

Baby can be proud of mommy, because to the end she helped making your bedroom and finishing the final big works.

PostHeaderIcon Kite lesson number 2

This is better, at least baby discovers the real things of life(Kiting ;-) )

Increadible all what you can find in the red see ;-) But lets just say it is baby having fun, mommy is just there to carry him around.

PostHeaderIcon Indoor kiting

First kiting lesson for the baby,but we discovered that indoor kiting was not a real success even when it is 22°C there, so we decided to pull mommy to Egypt to try it out, see you there in the next post ...

PostHeaderIcon First echo

Boy or Girl ??? you will have to wait to know ........ or maybe you have very very good eyes

PostHeaderIcon Papa et Glagla

Janvier 2006 5°C mais un super soleil. Permier kite session 2006 et premiere kite session depuis Papa.

Conclusion que du bonheur (un peu froid quand meme !!)


PostHeaderIcon Premiere foto a 3 .. heu ... a 4 ;-)

No one knew yet but he (the baby) is in there :-)))

Do mommy and daddy look older ? or more mature ???

I am sure Florian knows it, look at his "naughtly" laugh!

PostHeaderIcon Last trip only the real 2 of us

We had great fun. Brasil and the buggy experience were fantastic

But the return was so hard !!! So what did we do ........????

PostHeaderIcon Red with blue or Blue with red ??#!#!!??

From an amazing puzzle to ....

Red with blue, blue with red. And with a bit of patience it works fine :-)))) winter test went OK

PostHeaderIcon And he was 80, but looked 20

PostHeaderIcon Even Florian loves it

Florian showed us his first steps on these new tiles.

Test passed OK

PostHeaderIcon On cherche un tuyau pour le Loto ;-)

PostHeaderIcon And the works started

Starting at the front door, we thought that makes sense...?! And Lily cuts the tiles.

You can see she is EH&S advisor ;-)

PostHeaderIcon Yes!!!! It is ours :-)

It's ours and we are having our first candle light supper (maybe pick-nick) in the livingroom. Oups the work is for us now too.

PostHeaderIcon Are we crazy ???

Yes the complete nest is in this status !! But we are brave and full of energy.

PostHeaderIcon The beginning

We were looking for a nest and this could well be the first branche, but we would know it only a few months later.