Monday, March 26, 2007

PostHeaderIcon Saterday 24/03

The Royal Castle of Ambois ... to big to get it on one picture...

PostHeaderIcon Friday 23/03

Tired? But happy mommy.

Matteo didn't want to be on the picture; starts to have his dads manners... :-)
But cold Le Chateau de Chenonceau, very impressive!

Chateau Ussé...

Chateau Ussé; and if you look well you can see our camper
We decided to go up north to the Loire- region to visit some castles, Matteo liked it too.

PostHeaderIcon Thursday 22/03

Still Aquarium pictures..

Big stork nests, all along the road with storks and baby storks in there; are they preparing deliveries for new little friends for Matteo?? Inge, Floor, Bernadette... take care we sent the storks your way!

Oui, Fred on a aussi pensez à toi!

La Rochelle visit and 2 hours Aquarium visit; Matteo was all the time awake and amazed by all the fishes!!

PostHeaderIcon Wednesday 21/03

We were so lucky with the weather! Matteo is in his little wrapped up pram, so can't get cold

So we visit the ZOO with him
Matteo really shows his happiness about the quality time we have together!

PostHeaderIcon Tuesday 20/03

Le soleil est là, le soleil est là, le soleil est làlàlà, le soleil est là...

Beautiful weather, so biking time! Mum kicked us out of bed really early to catch some sun.

PostHeaderIcon Monday 19/03

Holidays are fun

Matteo starts to pull faces and do really strainge things... looking like his mum, already? ...

PostHeaderIcon Sunday 18/03

Cold windy day; to forget asap, because the rest of the week was giving the real "spring-feeling"

PostHeaderIcon Saterday 17/03

Daddy seems ready and happy, but the 40 kg extra should not be under estimated ... gna gna
They prepared my bike ride... and now it's really going to happen!
Coucou; I can see my parents outside... that's fun!
Saturday, March 03, 2007